Creative Business was founded to bring financial literacy to the art world. We’ve since honed our expertise across a number of creative industry verticals, and have built specialized practice areas to serve our clients in these sectors. 

Fine Art & Artists 

The art industry has been a core specialty of Creative Business since its establishment in 2005. With her own background in fine arts, founder Jeanne Hardy has helped countless artists, galleries, and art dealers to grow successfully and achieve long-term financial sustainability. 

  • Financial and tax strategy for fluctuating and non-traditional income streams

  • Setup of financial systems and processes specific to the art world Incorporation of studio

  • Hiring and HR best practices, employee benefits administration

  • Connection to network of advisors, attorneys, and CPAs that specialize in art, copyright, and intellectual property

  • Recommendation and review of insurance policies

Service & Consulting 

Creative Business provides expert financial strategy and consulting for agencies and firms in the areas of design, architecture, advertising, public relations, law, and real estate. 

  • Financial and tax strategy for firms and partnerships

  • Employee payroll, hourly wages and exemptions

  • Independent contractor management

  • Review and setup of systems for tracking billable hours, client billing


Creative Business specializes in financial and operations management for retail businesses, including both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar models. 

  • Financial and tax strategy for retail businesses

  • Review and setup of POS systems, e-commerce systems, shipping and fulfillment Inventory management and cash flow

  • Employee/HR programs and benefits

  • Compliance, insurance, and liability

Design & Light Manufacturing 

Creative Business offers its financial and operational expertise for businesses in the “maker” industry, including growing companies in the fields of technology, fashion, and product manufacturing. 

  • Financial and tax strategy for manufacturing companies

  • Supply chain management and cash flow

  • Branded and private label products

  • Goods and services management

  • Wholesale

Fine Art Design Fashion Architecture Retail Media